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Grace Place Story

In 2009 founder Christopher L. Moon observed that the historic church hall of Grace United Church was experiencing growing numbers of people coming through its doors seeking help, support, and community. The largest part were Brampton’s neediest people: the homeless and those who lived on the edges of society. The building meanwhile was underutilized and not meeting the needs of its user organizations to provide supports for the visitors. As a result many of the city’s poorest and most vulnerable people were increasingly at risk.


He, along with Rev. Ross Leckie and a committed core of others in Grace United Church, chose to do more. With a deep focus on community outreach and the support of the church they set out to create Grace Place, operated by Grace Place Community Resource Centre. The mission of Grace Place is to be a welcoming, safe, economical place for the community to gather and community organizations to deliver their programs. This impactful organization has given the local community an opportunity to engage and transform the lives of Brampton residents.

Grace Place invited non-profit organizations to operate within the walls of Grace United Church. This approach allowed Grace Place to maximize its ability to help. Even more, Grace Place had the opportunity to tackle a variety of major concerns, such as, food insecurity, addiction, and health issues, by accommodating organizations with a focus on these issues.

“From providing the basic necessities to a listening ear, Grace Place organizations provide services and programs which begin the process of healing the mind, body and spirit,” says Grace Place General Manager Lucy Kristan. “Grace Place has become a vital community hub for social service supports in our city.”

Grace Place Community Resource Centre is an incorporated ministry of the United Church of Canada.


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