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Empathy, Equity and Diversity Thursday, Sep 29 at 6 pm

By Matthew "Testament" Jones — Speaker. Facilitator. Performer.

In-person and online

Empathy, Equity and Diversity from a lens of Hate and Discrimination This session will use the message of P.E.A.C.E. (People Everywhere Actually Coexisting Equally) as a springboard for conversation. The reality is that not everyone wants P.E.A.C.E. nor sees the need for us to interact and communicate in harmony. So many ancestors and leaders have tried to champion this ever important topic only to be greeted with hatred, anger and discrimination. During this session participants will be challenged to:

⁃ Acknowledge their own biases ⁃ Be open to uncomfortable conversations ⁃ Share their feelings and experiences honestly ⁃ Set goals for breaking negative patterns in their lives ⁃ Express their emotions in a creative format ⁃ Become more empathetic


6:00pm -Welcome -Introductions -Theme for the day -Ground rules- respect -Agenda for the session 6:15pm -Ice breaker- gratitude -The PEACE philosophy and how it came about -Writing activity #1- question of the day -Why is empathy important? 6:30pm -The power of words -I AM activity -Equity vs equality -Discussion: How can we embrace our differences? 7:00pm - 7:30pm -Listening--the great tool for positive communication -Dealing with stress -Best practice methods from PEACE

-Q & A


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