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Online Workshop: Overcoming Othering, Building Belonging - Friday, Jan 28, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

Grace Place is glad to announce the next session, the first in the New Year, in its Safer Communities Project learning series. This workshop is being presented by Rivers of Hope—a unique organization that uses the expressive power of the arts to educate on racism, prejudice, and hate thereby building hate free communities. See session details below.

Workshop Goals

a. Unpacking "Othering":

We explore how groups of people are marked as "Other" and targeted for racism, prejudice, and hate. We dig deep into two examples of Othering—anti-Asian and anti-Muslim hate.

b. Understanding the Bystander Effect:

We explore how the bystander effect can impact whether or not people offer help if they witness someone being targeted for racism, prejudice, or hate.

c. How we can use Bystander Intervention:

We share the 5 Ds of bystander intervention and use theatre activities to practice bystander intervention, while emphasizing safety, choice, and de-escalation.

About Rivers of Hope

Rivers of Hope is an arts-based educational organization that was established in Toronto in 2018. Our mission is to leverage the expressive power of the arts to inspire people to build communities where everyone belongs. We also share practical information and resources to help people take action against racism, prejudice, and hate. Rivers of Hope was founded in response to a Master's research project conducted by Sidrah Ahmad Chan on hate crimes against Muslim women in the Greater Toronto Area. After completing this study, Sidrah co-created a toolkit to share her research results with the public. The toolkit was called Rivers of Hope, and has been widely shared across North America. After the Rivers of Hope toolkit was launched in March 2018, schools and communities reached out and requested more information and resources. And so, the Rivers of Hope organization was formed, and we began conducting workshops in the community. Our organization has since blossomed into a dynamic program that has reached thousands of people in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton.


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