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Webinar: Racism in Canada - Thursday, May 26, 2022 at 4:30 p.m.

In this online session, participants will learn about the history of racism writ large in Canada and specifically the history of anti-black racism.

  • How does racism work in the Canadian context and how does it specifically play out in our communities?

  • What does anti-black racism cost us as a community?

This session will be an active, participatory, and engaging presentation. (Recommended for ages 13+)

About Sam Tecle

Sam Tecle’s research and scholarly work spans across the areas of Black and Diaspora Studies, Urban Studies, and Sociology of Education. His work focuses on the analysis of diverse experiences, trajectories and expressions of Blackness, grounded in particular histories of racialization, colonialism, community formation and resistance. His forthcoming work Black Grammars: On Difference and Belonging explores the experiences and perspectives relating to blackness and Black identification of East African Diasporas across the UK, Canada and the US. More broadly, Sam is interested in questions of Black Sociality, Black cultural production and its expressions across the diaspora.

His research and teaching draws on his deep experience in community-engaged work, focused largely on Blackness and educational settings in Toronto. This community-engaged work has been conducted in partnership with organizations to create new supports and opportunities for Black students at the secondary level and in the transition to post-secondary education, in the face of a variety of systemic barriers they encounter. He has particularly prioritized work with Success Beyond Limits, a program serving students in the Jane and Finch community.


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